Hanif’s Toys Under 1 Years

The toys for baby under 1 years actually so simple. They just need stimulation on their eye, ear, skin, and smelling something. We can use anything around us such as paper, plastic bag, plastic bottle, and anything. We don’t need to buy an expensive toys although that’s allowed when we have extra money to spend. But, I think not all the people have – include me – so, lets be creative using anything around us.

Hanif toys when he was newborns is a home made hanging shape.  I made a basic shape like triangle, square, rectangle, and circle from ex-styrofoam. I used a color paper to make it attractive and I used a wool thread to hang it. Done.

When Hanif 3 months, I used plastic bag to be his toys. I also used ex-used paper. He liked the sound when his little finger touch it. He felt the texture of plastic with his skin. He enjoyed it very much. Done.

Basically, so many things around us can be used for creative and educative toys. It is all depend on us as parents. Actually, internet can give us so many ideas about creative toys using anything around us. So, be active and creative, parents! ^_^




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