Fishing Games: Its Not only Fishing

Fishing. Hanif likes fishing. We intruduced fishing to him when he was 25 months old. We followed the Child Qur’an Learning Centre’s  (known as TPQ) field trip at that time.  One of their  activites on the field trip was fishing competition. Of course, Hanif couldn’t fishing well at that time. But, the fishing activities seemed very interesting for him. So, until now, he likes fishing.

In order to stimulate his consentration skill, we gave him fishing games on te next month. This game rule is catch as many as possible the moving fish using magnetic fishing stick.  The players will also learn about kind of color and basic counting.

There is 24 colorful fishes. There is also three fishing stick and three fish pool so that this game can be used together with friends. So far, this game very useful to make interaction between one child to another child although they never know each other before.  Oiya, this  toy’s price is also cheap for us. Only IDR 29.000 at that time.


One tips about this toy is: we have to keep the 24 fishes into special box  so that the fish will not go away everywhere when we are not playing it. Oiya, this toy use 2 pieces AA battery as the power supply. So, if we turn on the toy, the pool will be moving around. The fish’s mouth will open and close regularly. The background song will starting on. I still trying to turn off the music without stopping the fishing move. Any idea?

Afterall, how to catch the fishes is the challenge. Exciting toy!


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