Hanif’s Excavator

Hanif’s most favourite toy is his excavator. Since Hanif one years old until today (2,5 years), his beloved toys is excavator. Till now, Hanif has have at least 5 excavator on various size. Hohoho.

Hanif’s freak of excavator began when the main road of Solo-Semarang in front of our housing complex was repaired. There was some heavy equipment such as cylinder, buldozer, and of course excavator. Their big size was very impresing so many children, include Hanif at that time.

At first, Hanif just look around the excavator and feeling afraid when we took him closer. But we said, “Excavator is okay.” Slowly but sure, we took Hanif closer to the excavator till we reached its big wheel. Sometimes we took a picture with the excavator. And day by day, Hanif felt comfort with the excavator and also the others heavy equipments.

Oiya, we tried to eliminate Hanif’s afraid of excavator by playing the excavator video on Youtube.com. Its helpful. Alhamdulillah, the toy shop has many excavator miniature. This toys is very increase Hanif’s imagination of being an excavator operator, knowing various new vocabularies about excavator’s anatomy, and building his masculine spirit ^_^

How about your boys, momm? ^_^


2 thoughts on “Hanif’s Excavator

  1. Sofia likes excavator so much. We know a song from one of programme in CBeeBees.
    “Excavator makes some track. Dig it. Dig it.”
    I tickled her when I said “dig it”. She laughed and laughed (Mutia Ummu Sofia)

    • Wow.. im not surprise if one of sofia’s favorite cartoon should be bob the builder XD
      # but sometimes, hanif also like cooking toys and he practice well on it. Weleh..weleh.. 😀

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