Hanif’s Excavator

Hanif’s most favourite toy is his excavator. Since Hanif one years old until today (2,5 years), his beloved toys is excavator. Till now, Hanif has have at least 5 excavator on various size. Hohoho.

Hanif’s freak of excavator began when the main road of Solo-Semarang in front of our housing complex was repaired. There was some heavy equipment such as cylinder, buldozer, and of course excavator. Their big size was very impresing so many children, include Hanif at that time.

At first, Hanif just look around the excavator and feeling afraid when we took him closer. But we said, “Excavator is okay.” Slowly but sure, we took Hanif closer to the excavator till we reached its big wheel. Sometimes we took a picture with the excavator. And day by day, Hanif felt comfort with the excavator and also the others heavy equipments.

Oiya, we tried to eliminate Hanif’s afraid of excavator by playing the excavator video on Youtube.com. Its helpful. Alhamdulillah, the toy shop has many excavator miniature. This toys is very increase Hanif’s imagination of being an excavator operator, knowing various new vocabularies about excavator’s anatomy, and building his masculine spirit ^_^

How about your boys, momm? ^_^


Fishing Games: Its Not only Fishing

Fishing. Hanif likes fishing. We intruduced fishing to him when he was 25 months old. We followed the Child Qur’an Learning Centre’s  (known as TPQ) field trip at that time.  One of their  activites on the field trip was fishing competition. Of course, Hanif couldn’t fishing well at that time. But, the fishing activities seemed very interesting for him. So, until now, he likes fishing.

In order to stimulate his consentration skill, we gave him fishing games on te next month. This game rule is catch as many as possible the moving fish using magnetic fishing stick.  The players will also learn about kind of color and basic counting.

There is 24 colorful fishes. There is also three fishing stick and three fish pool so that this game can be used together with friends. So far, this game very useful to make interaction between one child to another child although they never know each other before.  Oiya, this  toy’s price is also cheap for us. Only IDR 29.000 at that time.


One tips about this toy is: we have to keep the 24 fishes into special box  so that the fish will not go away everywhere when we are not playing it. Oiya, this toy use 2 pieces AA battery as the power supply. So, if we turn on the toy, the pool will be moving around. The fish’s mouth will open and close regularly. The background song will starting on. I still trying to turn off the music without stopping the fishing move. Any idea?

Afterall, how to catch the fishes is the challenge. Exciting toy!

Hanif’s Toys Under 1 Years

The toys for baby under 1 years actually so simple. They just need stimulation on their eye, ear, skin, and smelling something. We can use anything around us such as paper, plastic bag, plastic bottle, and anything. We don’t need to buy an expensive toys although that’s allowed when we have extra money to spend. But, I think not all the people have – include me – so, lets be creative using anything around us.

Hanif toys when he was newborns is a home made hanging shape.  I made a basic shape like triangle, square, rectangle, and circle from ex-styrofoam. I used a color paper to make it attractive and I used a wool thread to hang it. Done.

When Hanif 3 months, I used plastic bag to be his toys. I also used ex-used paper. He liked the sound when his little finger touch it. He felt the texture of plastic with his skin. He enjoyed it very much. Done.

Basically, so many things around us can be used for creative and educative toys. It is all depend on us as parents. Actually, internet can give us so many ideas about creative toys using anything around us. So, be active and creative, parents! ^_^



Indonesian Soft Book: Hanif’s First Book

One of my dreams this year is writing in English periodically. So, from now I’ll try to share about Hanif toys in English. I hope it will be an useful note for anyone that need toys review.

The first toys is soft book.

This soft book is my online shop best seller. There is almost 40 different tittle can be choosen. People like” Seri Mengenal”, “Paket Kata Santun”, and “Alat Transportasi” most.  Those tittle simply easy  to be read for babies and stimulate their sense of basic things such as color, shape, surrounding, etc.

If you looking for baby educative toys, I recommend “Paket Kata Santun” for 3 months plus. It’s a very basic attitude everybody should learn, even a newborn. My experience with Hanif, although he hadn’t understand the story yet, he was very excited looking its various color and listening my voice. I always use different intonation when reading a storybook for Hanif and its work to make the story left deep inside in his memory. And especially about “Paket Kata Santun”, I was surprised when Hanif used to say “please” when he ask something or “I’m sorry” when doing something unapropriate and even “thank you” when receiving something from someone else. Subhanallah, Hanif spoke that beautiful words on 18 months old at the first time. What an amazing growth he was.

Paket seri Kata Santun

“Seri Mengenal”  and “Alat Transportasi” are best seller for toddler age. I recommend it for 3 years old children or more. At least they can learn about various shape inside  that book when they can’t read the alphabet yet. That’s a fun activity for them.


Although those soft book are great educative toys of learning something for babies and children, I think the most important thing is parents or the adult guidance. Parents should accompany them to explain, to attract, and being their friend when they are playing.

Oiya, if you need some soft book for your child or for gift, please come to my online shop on Facebook or send a sms to +6285640007690. Hehehe.